Babysitting List

For the most up-to-date list of ISLAND BABYSITTERS, please visit your App Store to download the "Everything BHI" app for a complete list of available sitters and other island info! CLICK on MORE in the app and look under the CLASSIFIEDS section for available babysitters (and other services)!

** Babysitting Disclaimer **
Any individuals listed have indicated to the Bald Head Island Club that they are available for babysitting assignments. Though some of these individuals may be employees of the Club, they are not employees of the Club when babysitting. The Bald Head Island Club assumes no responsibility or liability associated with hiring a babysitter named in the classified section, regardless of who contacted and secured the services of the babysitter. All fees and charges as well as transportation and parking are independent of the Club and must be negotiated with the babysitter hired. The Bald Head Island Club does not recommend any babysitter over another.