Closing & Delays

Notice of Golf Course & Practice Facilities Closure
Monday February 8th, 2021

The golf course and practice facilities will be CLOSED to all activities.
This closure is due to a specific maintenance practice taking place involving a granular fertilizer and a weed pre-emergent being spread over the entire golf course. This product will be our initial spring feeding of the turf, as well as our primary defense against spring and summer weeds. The closure is necessary to ensure the product gets watered into the soil immediately and without interference from golf and staff traffic.

Please call the Golf Shop with any questions and continue to check this page as the professional staff will update as we communicate with the golf course maintenance team.


The Golf Shop and Golf Course Maintenance will be in contact to give you the most up to date forecasts for the upcoming days.  Thank you and please call the Golf Shop with any questions.


Maintenance Monday UPDATES

*The Bald Head Island Club is transitioning into the off-season, which means some changes in hours of operations.  For the golf course and practice facilities this means we will no longer observe the “Maintenance Monday” scheduled closings.  Practice Facilities will open at approximately 7:30 am Monday – Sunday from November 2019 – March 2020.  The Golf Course will open at 8 am Monday – Sunday from November 2019 – March 2020. 

*Please note that as seasons change to late fall, winter and early spring, all openings and tee times are subject to delays weather depending.  Monitor the “Closing & Delays” tab on the website and contact the golf shop for details. 

 USGA Information of Frost and Delays

**** This is a link to a great article from the USGA’s webpage about frost and delays.  It also has an informative video link we encourage you to watch.