Terry McAlister

Terry McAlister has been a certified personal trainer for over 30 years. She specializes in strength, conditioning and rehabilitation therapy. Terry was a competitive body builder for 15 years and owned 2 Fitness Centers here in North Carolina. Terry offers individual or group training sessions Tues. thru Friday. Please call 910.457.3724 or 336-260-8384 to set up your appointment.

Fabio Alicea

Fabio Alicea is a qualified health and fitness coach who combines 12 years of experience along with education and credentials from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a education from Branford Hall Institute in the State of Connecticut where he went to school to be a professional Fitness Trainer in 2009. He is passionate about work and dedicated to helping clients of all fitness levels progress towards their goals and a lasting healthy lifestyle. He has has trained people all around the U.S from different populations, including athletes, seniors, and special needs. He plans on bringing his expertise and experience to the fitness center to join Terry and bring more value to our members at the club.
certifications: - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) NASM - Senior Fitness Specialists (N.A.S.M) - Fitness Nutrition specialist (N.A.S.M) - Precision Nutrition - Titleist Performance Institute Certified - CPR and AED and first Aid Certified by Pro CPR Fabio offers individual or group sessions Monday. thru Sat. Please call 910.457.3724 or 910-685-4760