Hole # 1

Hole # 1

We begin the journey away from the sea and into the maritime forest with a deceptively short, dog leg left par 4. Choose your landing area wisely, as any ball too short or left of your target may find the lagoon which runs the length of the hole. Any tee shot that is too long will reach the waste area along the right side and create a difficult approach to the green, guarded by a large front bunker.

Hole #2

Hole # 2

This Par 3 requires a mid to long iron to find the middle of the green. The natural area which runs all along the left side and fronts the green will catch any short shot.

Hole #3

Hole # 3

A demanding par 4 from the tee, the landing area is quite small, and guarded by a lagoon on the right. A straight drive will leave players with a short iron into a green surrounded almost entirely by bunkers and natural areas. Pay close attention to the pin location as multiple ridges will make for a difficult 2 putt if you are far from the hole.

Hole #4

Hole # 4

The first Par 5 , a very long dog leg left will require three very well placed shots. The tee shot should consider the corner of the dog leg, leaving enough room for a long second shot layup. The approach to the green is guarded by a massive live oak on the left side.

Hole #5

Hole # 5

Straight, narrow and long is the best way to describe this difficult par 4. The yardage on the card does not do this hole justice. A straight tee shot will leave the player with a long iron approach to the green that is guarded by natural areas to the left and back, which are very deep.

Hole #6

Hole # 6

Players are challenged on this Par 4 by the approach shot. A tee shot which catches the downward slope dividing the wide fairway will leave a short iron. The green is fronted by a large bunker, and any shot long will find a hazard.

Hole #7

Hole # 7

This is the second Par 5 on the front 9. A well struck tee shot will set up a risk reward second shot. The player will have to take the massive bunker which fronts the green into consideration, while a good layup will leave a relatively simple short iron approach. A lagoon runs the entire left side of this hole. The green is significantly elevated and protected by a large dune ridge. Club selection on the 3rd shot is of utmost importance to secure a good run at birdie.

Hole #8

Hole # 8

A medium length Par 3. This downhill shot will test any players’ patience. Beware the wind and water. A lagoon creeps up and surrounds the left side of this large green. Well placed bunkers on the right have this green totally guarded on all sides.

Hole #9

Hole # 9

One of the longest par 4’s on the course. The fairway is surrounded on all sides by lagoons. A good tee shot may still leave a long iron or fairway metal into a green which bunkers and lagoons guard on all sides0. The large mounds behind the green provide a good backdrop and may aide the player with targeting and club selection.

Hole #10

Hole # 10

The tee shot will have to carry a large lagoon. There is also a lagoon on the right, and natural areas to the left. The fairway is generous, and a good tee shot will leave a short to mid iron approach. The green sits up on a plateau, and is guarded by a deep bunker to the right.

Hole #11

Hole # 11

A very difficult par 5 awaits golfers on the tee. There is risk reward, but only for the longest hitters. A straight tee shot up to the top of the hill will bring the entire hole into view. There is a lagoon which runs the entire left side of the hole, and fronts the green. A mid iron layup will leave a short approach over the lagoon to a green that is fronted by an unforgiving bulk head.

Hole #12

Hole # 12

A dog leg right par 4. A good tee shot will set up a long iron approach to an elevated, two tiered green. A deep bunker guards the green on the left, and another bunker to the right, any approach short will leave a difficult chip or a very long putt.

Hole #13

Hole # 13

A long uphill par 3, with very small margin for error. Selecting the right club is paramount. This green is raised in the middle, and slopes off sharply on the right side. There are natural areas both to the left and right, making this target seem smaller.

Hole #14

Hole # 14

A long par 4 which dog legs to the right. While it looks menacing, this is one of the widest fairways on the course. A tee shot which finds the middle of the fairway will bring the green into view. Guarded by bunkers on either side, the approach shot will be slightly uphill, so take more club.

Hole #15

Hole # 15

Relatively short par 4. A tee shot anywhere in the center will leave the ideal approach to the green. This hole has a lagoon which must be crossed twice, and the green is protected by a natural area on the left that drops off sharply from the green.


Hole # 16

Often referred to as the signature hole for its beautiful scenery, this Par 3 can be as treacherous as it is beautiful. The elevated tee shot will bring any wind into play. The green is large, but trouble can be found all around the putting surface. A lagoon fronts the green and flanks the entire right side of the green complex.

Hole #17

Hole # 17

The final par 5, this hole is very narrow and straight. The fairway is very difficult to hit, and missing can make a player rack up a large number. A well hit drive can lead to big hitters reaching the green in two. Any layup should take the bunkers in front of the green into consideration. A lagoon to the left runs the entire length of the hole.

Hole #18

Hole # 18

One of the long par 4’s to finish! Flanked on both sides by lagoons, this fairway is large but the ever present winds from the ocean will wreak havoc with your tee ball. Players will find that the approach with a long iron or fairway metal can be trying. The green complex is surrounded by natural areas and bunkers, and slants to the right, leaving only a view of the front portion of the green.