Golf Course Maintenance


Post Dorian update and Storm Cleanup Process:

Hurricane Dorian has left it's mark on BHI but with no flooding from the event the maintenance teams were able to return to the island Saturday 9/7/19 to begin the cleanup process.  Although no lagoon banks breached their banks, they are "high" and some water will still be present and visible in two waste bunkers; the right side waste bunker on #9 and the left-side fairway waste bunker on #17.  Other than a few washouts in some bunkers, this is mostly a vegetative event.  To clean up after a damaging vegetative event like this it's a five step process; keeping in mind that after Step 2 we can reopen areas for play.  

Step 1 - Initial pass through the golf course cleaning paths, getting vegetation and debris off the turf and performing the chainsaw work.  That includes cutting down trees that have been damaged to a total loss, as well as cutting up large debris into manageable pieces we can handle more easily, and cutting hangers (broken limbs that remain up in the tree canopy) out of trees.  6 cedar trees were damaged to a total loss in this storm.  

Step 2 - Work through the golf holes systematically, bed by bed, picking up and piling debris in locations where we can easily access with the chipper or pickup with the equipment and haul away to the mulch site.

*Important to know that we need to complete Steps 1 and 2 before we can reopen areas for play.  This is for safety concerns as well as providing adequate room for the maintenance team to operate equipment and move around uninhibited.    

Step 3 - Either chipping or hauling off all the vegetative debris that has been piled up.  Miles of mulch left behind will either be scattered onto maintenance paths or into the wood lines; the piles of debris have been strategically placed in such areas.  

Step 4 - Making a final pass through to ensure that all hangers and tree damage has been addressed and cutout.  Keep in mind that it is easy to miss some limbs that are high up in the canopies, as well as the fact that some trees sustain damage in these storms that eventually and at a much later date prove to be fatal to the tree.  Step 4 will be an ongoing process throughout the fall and off-season.  

Step 5 - Grinding the stumps and surface roots down under the soil level.  This will be performed in the off-season as well.  Often times we flag the stumps so they do not become covered with pinestraw or mulch, and so golfers can see them while playing out of the beds.  

Our maintenance team is on track to finish Step 2 by 10 am Wednesday morning on holes #10 - 18.  We are set to reopen the back 9 for play at 10 am Wednesday 9/11/19.  

The most significant damage occurred on holes #4 - 7, and #9 tee complex.  Our goal is to have Step 2 completed by end of day Friday on holes #1 - 9 so we can reopen all 18 holes by Saturday morning.  Currently we are approximately 50% through Step 1 on holes 1-9, and will begin Step 2 Wednesday afternoon.  

Thank you for all the cooperation and support as we restore our beloved golf course and ground back to BHIC standards of excellence.  


Adam Bachmeier

Golf Course Superintendent



The practice facilities and golf course are closed for maintenance during the mornings from Monday April 6th, 2019 through Monday November 4th, 2019. 

The exceptions are Monday May 27th, 2019 (Memorial Day), Monday July 1st, 2019, Monday September 2nd, 2019 (Labor Day), and Monday September 16th, 2019 (BHIC Ladies Invitational).    

Practice facilities reopen at 10:30 am and the golf course resumes tee times off #1 at 11:00 am. 


Tuesday – Sunday:

Practice facilities open for use at 7:30 am and the golf course resumes tee times off #1 at 8:00 am.