Ferry Information

In just 20 minutes, the passenger ferry transports you from Southport, NC, to the shores of Bald Head Island. For most of the year, ferries leave the mainland on the hour and the island on the half-hour, beginning at 7 a.m. The winter schedule may be abbreviated, and the summer schedule expanded. Ferry and tram reservations should be made by calling 910.457.5003

Bald Head Island's passenger ferries depart the mainland from Deep Point Marina, located at 1301 Ferry Road in Southport, NC, just before the state-operated Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry Landing. Entering Southport on Route 211 South (Howe Street), take a left on East Moore Street and then a right onto 211 (Ferry Road) at the roundabout. Proceed about a half mile and then turn right into the entrance to Deep Point Marina, following the signs to the ferry terminal.

Arriving at Deep Point Marina:
The ferry terminal is arranged on two separate levels. During the on-season (Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day), both levels are in operation. During the off-season (after Labor Day and prior to Memorial Day Weekend), only the lower level is in operation. If you will be visiting during the off-season, please proceed directly to the lower level for all baggage and ticketing services.

Passenger and Baggage Drop Off (upper level open Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day only):
As you approach the ferry terminal area, if you are dropping off passengers and baggage, you will proceed straight ahead to the upper departure level. At the upper departure level you'll pull over to the curb and drop off passengers and bags. All baggage will be loaded onto a conveyor belt, similar to an airport. Because of the conveyor, small, unsecured items and open bags will have to be placed in a covered container before they can be accepted as baggage by the dock staff, so please pack accordingly. Golf bags must have top hoods in place or be in an enclosed protective cover. A good rule of thumb is to pack as if you're taking a flight.

Parking Lots:
You'll then proceed to a parking lot to secure your car. The Premium Parking Lot and the General Parking Lot are both conveniently located directly across the street from the ferry terminal. Please relieve your pets in the parking lot grassy areas prior to entering the terminal and remember to pick up after your pets.

Ferry Tickets, Waiting Areas and Snack Bar (upper level):

When entering the terminal on the upper departures level, you will be able to purchase ferry tickets at the ticket office conveniently located at the entrance to the elevated foot bridge that spans the lower roadway. In the off-season (after Labor Day and prior to Memorial Day Weekend), the upper level ticket office will be closed, and ferry tickets can be purchased at the lower level ticket office.

Ferry Boarding (lower level gate waiting area):
When you are ready to board the ferry or to enter the gate area in preparation for boarding, you'll need to proceed to the lower level, where you'll present your ticket to an attendant at the entrance to the gate waiting area. Your ticket will be scanned and collected, allowing you entry into the secure gate waiting area. Please note that there are no restrooms in the gate area. There are restrooms on board the ferries. 

Traveling from Bald Head Island to Deep Point:
Disembarking the Ferry (Gate A)
After disembarking the ferry at Deep Point's Gate A, you will proceed straight out to the street-side curb through an open breezeway on the terminal's lower level. 

Baggage Claim (Between Gates A and B):
If you have baggage to claim, it will be found on the baggage racks that are centrally located between Gate A and Gate B on the lower terminal level. Many passengers will elect to retrieve their car from the parking lot prior to claiming their baggage. After paying for parking at the exit equipment either using a credit card or your annual parking pass, or paying the attendant at the parking booth, exit the lot and return to the terminal on the lower level to claim your baggage. 

CLICK HERE to link to the Bald Head Island Limited’s ferry schedule.