Course Maintenance

The complex nature of modern golf course maintenance is becoming increasingly evident. Golf courses in fine condition don't happen by accident, but as the planned result of many contributing factors. It is significant that each of these factors, whose influence increases over time, must be carefully planned for, and integrated for best effect. Regardless of plans, some variables over which we have little control will exist, such as weather and soil type; however, by taking these variables into consideration in our planning, we can provide a reasonable buffer against them

Aerification Dates
~ These dates are subject to change due to weather and other factors.  Please call the golf shop for more information.

June 5 and 6

August 14 and 15

Evaluation Areas

The areas we evaluate in addition to playing areas are:

  • The natural areas and native restoration

  • The golf course architect, George Cobb, and Tim Cate’s design and intent

  • Landscape features

  • Erosion prevention control

  • Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program

  • Practice area

  • Nursery areas

  • Other areas include:

  • Maintenance impacts

  • Maintenance programs and facilities

  • Alternative maintenance programs

  • Pesticide use and reduction

  • IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program and implementation 

General Objectives

The General Objectives and Functions of the Maintenance Department are:

  • To maintain a well-conditioned golf course consistent with the top courses in the area

  • and the Carolinas

  • To present players with pleasurable golfing conditions and environment and to

  • positively effect both passive and active recreation

  • To establish continuity for our maintenance operations over the years by developing and perpetuating an overall Long-Range Plan; such a plan to be amended and

  • approved periodically by committees and boards

  • To follow established channels for the chain of command with the Board of

  • Governors having final authority. The Plan will be a recommendation on policy and direction. The superintendent shall be responsible for the development of

  • recommendations and the carrying out of established policies.

  • To plan operations and schedule them with consideration to the least amount of

  • interference to both golfer and staff within practical limitations

  • To plan for and make use of all available Capital funds, utilizing the depth of

  • knowledge of Club and golf course personnel

  • To give players as much freedom as possible from restrictions on the use of the course, golf carts, etcetera, with a minimum of signs

  • To effect efficiency through management (labor, budget control, equipment and

  • research)

  • To maintain cooperative relationships with other departments, and personnel within the Club

  • To achieve a feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, enjoyment, and gratitude for all personnel (players, instructors, contractors, and staff)

  • To cooperate with other Island associations, organizations, universities, other clubs, etc. towards the development of greater knowledge in turf management and course maintenance relative to the environmental future of BHI

  • To keep our membership informed of our operations and progress, through periodic