Greenward Rule

Historically, croquet has been a genteel sport associated with Victorian England and subsequently exported to the English speaking colonies. Rules became codified and equipment standardized in the mid 1850’s. Croquet playing rules and dress codes have evolved over the years, equipment changing far faster than etiquette and practice.

  • BHI has a white only dress code for Croquet. Consequently, even casual players are expected to adhere as closely as possible to traditional white attire. This means white shirts (collared for men), white Bermuda shorts or pants, and flat white/light soft soled shoes without heels or spikes. Light-colored (khaki) attire is permissible on the greenswards for guests. Non-white rain gear and cold weather jackets are acceptable during inclement weather.

  • All players must reserve a court and play time through the Turtle's Den. (910-477-5015). Courts are normally reserved in 90 minute intervals starting at 9:00 AM. (9:00-10:30, 10:30-12:00 etc.) Those unfamiliar with the game may request a free lesson from a Croquet Club member and the Turtle's Den will make arrangements. The Turtle's Den will also provide a sheet of Golf Croquet Rules for anyone who wants them.

  • All players must check in with the Turtle's Den before playing even when attending a regularly scheduled weekly event such as Sunday morning Golf Croquet. This enables the Club to keep track of use of the greenswards. 

  • BHI Club members who want to play but do not have croquet mallets, may borrow mallets and balls from the Turtle's Den when they check-in. 

  • All minors must be accompanied by responsible adults.

  • At check in with the Turtle's Den players must pay any applicable court fees before playing. Greensward Fees
    The following rates are valid for 1.5 hour play time.

    Golf members: No fee.
    Sports members: No fee.
    Social Members: $30
    Temporary Members: $30
    House Member:
    No Access
    Social Member Playing with a Full Memmber/ Lifestyle Member: $15