Renovation Updates


We are pleased to announce the Official Opening of the highly-anticipated HORIZONS Restaurant and Aquatics Center!

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PELI TOO Closing

The Peli Too is now closed. Full lunch and dinner service is now available daily at the new Horizons restaurant and the poolside Cabana bar is offering a poolside menu.  We will eventually be disassembling the Peli Too building and moving it behind the tennis courts to reuse as a new Tennis Shop and Recreation building. Of course the timing of the reassembly is dependent on the construction lay-down area being cleared from construction equipment, prepared and a platform constructed on which to rest the building.

Parking Updates

Parking for all amenities is available at the designated area on the PARKING MAP below unless otherwise noted.

Shuttle service is available daily.

See all parking areas and construction zones on the map below.




Facilities Improvement Plan 




Watch the video below for the latest updates!

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