Renovation Updates

Hurricane Florence Post Storm Recovery Update
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Below you will find current updates on any construction-related changes that may temporarily affect our amenities.

Thank you for your cooperation in avoiding construction zones and we apologize for any inconvenience during this active building phase of the exciting Facilities Improvement Plan.


Existing Pool Complex and Peli Too: Now Open

We have outfitted the existing pool with new tables, umbrellas and chaise lounges, renting very nice temporary dining and restroom facilities and have designated final parking/logistical arrangements to ensure continued club operations. If you miss the old Peli, don’t fret, the temporary restaurant, affectionately named The Peli Too- now open- is very similar and will actually provide more seating than the Peli had, both inside and out! While not ideal, we are confident that the club will remain operational and enjoyable until the new complex is complete.

New Aquatics Complex:
Construction Timeline Updates

Despite our best efforts, several schedule delays, in an already tight off-season construction window, have now put us behind schedule for the Aquatics Center. As we mentioned in our Annual Meeting last Labor Day when the project was approved, we started contingency planning early just in case we were struck by delays. We are putting the above contingency plan in place for the existing pool complex until we finish construction of the new aquatics complex. The project will be worth the wait, we promise!


Parking Updates

Parking for all amenities is available at the designated area on the PARKING MAP below unless otherwise noted.

Shuttle service is available daily.

See all parking areas and construction zones on the map below.




Facilities Improvement Plan 




Construction Updates

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