Regulations and Reminders

  • Please check-in at the Turtle's Den prior to play. It is best to park in the back lot besides golf and proceed through the pool entrance. (The Den will be the first door on the right.) Proper attire and footwear is required. To reserve a court, please call 910.477.5015
  •  Please be punctual for court reservations. Those more than 15 minutes late may forfeit their court if others are waiting.
  • During the summer season, play is limited to one hour for singles and 1.5 hours for doubles per session. Reservations may be made up to one week in advance.
  • During occasional days throughout the summer, the tennis staff may book all courts at one time for event purposes.
  • To maintain overall enjoyment by members and their guests, please adhere to proper etiquette and attire. Swim or beachwear on the tennis courts is discouraged. To preserve court condition, proper footwear is required. Casual sneakers and running shoes can be a safety hazard and can also leave permanent marks on the tennis courts. If you're unsure or have any questions, please check with a tennis professional before play.
  •  To reserve a court, register for a lesson, clinic or event please stop by the Turtle's Den ( located just inside the pool entrance gate) or give us a call at 910.477.5015. The Den also provides tennis basics for your on-court enjoyment. Tennis balls are for sale along with custom tennis attire, hats and Nike footwear.