Rules & Regulations

  1. All tennis players must first check in at the tennis pro shop; all courts must be reserved. 
    Courts will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.

  2. No show reservations will be cancelled 10 minutes after the scheduled time. 

  3. Court fees are charged on a per person basis.

  4. Court reservations can be made up to one week in advance by calling the tennis pro shop @ 910-457-0159.

  5. 1 hour max time for singles play and 1.5 hour max time for doubles play during the summer season.

  6. Participants must adhere to the rules, regulations and etiquette of the game of tennis.

  7. The tennis staff has the right to determine if activity of participants is appropriate and may, 
    at any time dismiss anyone from the tennis courts.

  8. No skateboards, roller blades or bicycles are allowed on the tennis courts.

  9. Lessons and clinics require advanced registration through the tennis pro shop @ 910-457-0159.

  10. Tennis balls must be supplied by individuals participating in play or may be purchased 
    through the tennis pro shop.

  11. Tennis racquets are available to rent, or purchase at the tennis pro shop.

  12. The tennis staff has the right to schedule a tennis tournament at any time using all four courts.

  13. Proper tennis shoes with soft and non marking soles are required.

    Tennis Dress Code

    Proper tennis attire is required: shirts and other full coverage clothing must be worn. Swimsuits, workout attire, tee shirts, tank tops, denim of any kind, cargo shorts, short shorts or cut-offs are not permitted. Only soft-soled, non-marking tennis shoes are allowed on the tennis courts. Cross trainers or other running shoes are not permitted for both safety and maintenance reasons. When in doubt of whether attire conforms to the Club’s dress code policy, please seek the advice of the Professional Tennis Staff.

    Please call  910.457.0159 to make court, private lessons, or clinic reservations.