MEMBER-MEMBER, June 27-30 2019

Member-Member "Battle for Old Baldy" ~ June 27-30, 2019


Format:              Modified Alternate Shot– 45 Hole Match Around Event 

Each player will hit from the tee and then play their partner’s ball for the second shot. After the second shot, the partners decide which ball they wish to score and alternate shots with that ball until it is holed out. The player with the lower course handicap will receive 60% of their handicap while the higher handicap player will receive 40%.  Matches are based on the low ball with 1 point for winning the hole, 1/2 point for tying the hole, 0 points for losing the hole, and a maximum of 6 points any team can receive for a match.  All matches are to be played their full 9 holes according to the following schedule:
Match 1                            Match 2                            Match 3                           Match 4                            Match 5
A vs. C                              A vs. D                             A vs. F                             A vs. E                             A vs. B
B vs. E                              B vs. F                              B vs. C                            B vs. D                             C vs. D
D vs. F                              C vs. E                              D vs. E                            C vs. F                             E vs. F

Handicaps:     Handicaps will be obtained as of June 15, 2019 GHIN update. Team handicaps will be calculated by the below method and will adjust for each match based on the opposing team make up and the highest course rating being played.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust a contestant’s Index prior to, during or after the event at its sole discretion. Should a contestant return a score that falls outside the USGA’s estimate of less than 250-1 odds’, that contestant may be assigned a revised handicap.
                Step 1- Determine the Players’ Course Handicap from the tees that they are playing.
                Step 2- Apply the handicap percentage to the A and B player
                Step 3- Apply the Course Rating differential adjustment if applicable based on the highest course rating of the match being played per section 9-3ciii.
Example: Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones are a team.
Step 1-Mr. Smith is a 10 Handicap from the white tees and Mr. Jones is a 20 handicap from the grey tees.
Step 2-Mr. Smith is the A player on his team, so he will receive 60% of his course handicap and Mr. Jones is the B player and will receive 40%. Step 2- 10 x .60 = 6 and 20 x .40= 8. This will give them a raw team handicap of 14.
Step 3-Since Mr. Jones is playing the grey tees he will have the team handicap of 14 reduced to account for 1/2 the difference in course rating from the white and the grey tees under rule 9-3ciii:
                -The white tee rating of 70.3 is subtracted from the grey tee rating of 67.6= 2.7 Rounds to 3.
                -To account for the 1/2 difference 3 is divided by 2. 3 /2 = 1.5 and 1.5 rounds to 2.
                -The team handicap will be reduced by 2 shots. 14-2= 12.
Flights:             Flights will be formed based tee assignment and team makeup.  We will have flights comprised of white tee players, white/grey tee players, mixed partners, and ladies. Men and women may be paired within the same flight. Spouses and/or family members may not comprise a team.  Flights may be adjusted until the first round begins on Friday due to team withdrawals or major handicap adjustments. Minor handicap adjustments will not affect flight make-up. Flights comprised of 5 teams will play a match against par.  
Tees:                  Men will play from the White or Grey tees and ladies will play the Teal tees. All participants in the 1st Flight will play from the White Tees.  Handicap strokes will be allocated off the white tees. Handicaps have been adjusted to the tees which are being played according to section (3-5) of the USGA Handicap System manual and section 9-3ciii. All matches will be stroked off the low ball and strokes will be allocated by the Men’s handicap holes per section 9.3a of the USGA Handicap manual.

Prizes:                 Overall Champion from any Flight, as well as Flight Champions

Entry Fee:      $150 per member plus applicable green and cart fees. Includes all meals, tee gift and prizes.  **Spouses are welcome to join all the meal times for a charge of $69.95++ or just the champions dinner for $29.95++.
Eligibility:        Players must have an established USGA handicap to participate. The Member-Member is open to Full, Lifestyle, and Founding Social members.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, June 27th  
8:00am                    Practice Round – All Day
6:00pm                    Champions Dinner *Menu selected by defending Champions Mandy Grimshaw & Walter McNairy
Friday, June 28th  
8:00am                     Practice Facility Opens
8:30 - 9:50am           Registration and Breakfast on the Grill Terrace         
9:50am                      Announcements
10:00 – 12:15pm       Shotgun Start - Round 1
12:30pm – 2:45pm    Shotgun Start - Round 2
2:45pm                       Lunch on the Grill Terrace      
Saturday, June 29th  
8:00am                       Practice Facility Opens
8:30 - 9:50am             Breakfast on the Grill Terrace             
9:50am                        Announcements
10:00 – 12:15pm         Shotgun Start - Round 3
12:30pm – 2:45pm      Shotgun Start - Round 4
2:45pm                         Lunch and After Golf Social on the Grill Terrace
Sunday, June 30th
8:00am                         Practice Facility Opens
8:00 - 9:15am               Breakfast on the Grill Terrace             
9:50am                          Announcements
10:00 – 12:15pm           Shotgun Start - Round 5
12:30pm – 2:45pm        Championship Shoot-Out
2:45pm                          Awards luncheon on Grille Terrace