Guest Memberships


Guest Member Guide


*****August 1-7 Guest Memberships are now being offered with limited access at a 50% discounted rate.

To register for a guest membership with arrival dates in the month of JULY, register here.  Be sure to include all required fields and hit the submit button once finished.

To register for guest memberships with arrival dates on or AFTER August 1st please register here.

A member may charge the fee for the guest membership to their account, or the guest may pay with a credit card. 

We ask that guest memberships be arranged at least ten days prior to the guest's arrival. Beginning July 1st, 2020 all guest memberships purchased less than five days prior to arrival will be subject to an additional $100 service fee.

The Bald Head Island Club is a Private Club for Members and Registered Guest Members Only



CLICK HERE to view 2021 Guest Membership Rates

We look forward to seeing you and serving you at the Bald Head Island Club. Should you have any questions regarding your guest membership privileges, please contact the Clubhouse Lobby at

We encourage you to experience all the island has to offer.