Welcome Center


This is a private club that allows use of its facilities to and from by members, member’s guests, temporary guest members, special event guests, package play golfers, and commercial operations within the community.


The Welcome Center is the main access point for the Club and is located on the main entry drive into the facility, Salt Meadow Trail.  The Welcome Center will be operational from May 1 – October 31 and will be manned from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., except when extended for special activities being held at the Bald Head Island Club.
It is not our goal to “restrict” access to the Club as much as to “control” access for the benefit and security of our members and temporary guest members within the Club. This includes the golf course, restaurants, Peli, fitness center, tennis courts, pool, croquet greenswards and all other operations within the Club. It is expected that all Welcome Center attendants will perform their duties in a polite, respectful, helpful and professional manner. Awareness of both incoming and outgoing traffic is expected along with smiles and waves.
Organized access will be through the main entrance road, which will be a single approach lane to the Welcome Center. The entrance lane traffic will be manually stopped by the Welcome Center attendant seeking recognition of a current and/or valid membership card, guest member pass, annual member pass, or other authorized pass issued by the club.
Members must make arrangements for their guests through the Club offices. Guest members who have been instructed to make their own arrangements will be directed to the Guest Member Service Desk located in the lobby of the clubhouse. No guests/visitors will be admitted without prior approval of a member. (Every reasonable effort will be made by our staff to notify members of visitors at the Welcome Center if they forget to call in a pass.)

Access Requirements

Member -There are four categories of membership: Full, Lifestyle, Social and House. The member must present their membership card, or their membership status may be verified by locating their name in the membership roster.
Accompanied Guest of a Member - 
The Bald Head Island Club member must be present for admission. No identification is required when entering as an accompanied guest.
Family and Friends Program
- Members may pre-arrange a pass for their adult children, grandchildren, parents and friends. For more information on this new program and guidelines, please visit the Family and Friends Pass Program on the member side of the website.
Guest Member
- All visitors who are not members, accompanied guests, or holders of Family and Friends passes, must purchase a guest membership to gain access to the Club facilities. A pre-arranged guest membership will be confirmed by locating the renters name on the current guest membership list.  Four guest membership cards are issued per home. Our list will contain the name of the person who made the rental home reservations.
The purpose of this controlled access is to provide members, guests and visitors with the highest degree of privacy and tranquility possible.


Welcome Center Staff are employees who serve under the direction of the Club. They are there to ensure the privacy of BHIC members, guests and visitors through the monitoring/control of access through the Main entrance. Additionally they provide information, directions and assistance to members, residents and visitors when appropriate.