At the Bald Head Island Club, it’s our mission to inspire happiness with our members and provide a home base for enjoying this remarkable island. In addition to exploring membership opportunities at the Bald Head Island Club, we also invite you to learn about the Shoals Club, our “sister club” overlooking the Point of Cape Fear. Together, these two premier island clubs present an ocean of possibilities.

The Bald Head Island Club is a member-owned private club operated for the enjoyment of Members and Registered Guest Pass Holders. There are two ways to access the Club. Bald Head Island property owners may purchase a Full, Lifestyle or House Membership.

The Club also offers Guest Passes to families vacationing on Bald Head Island and renting a Member’s home.

On behalf of the entire Club Board of Governors, thank you for your interest in a membership at the Bald Head Island Club.

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